Sunday, 15 January 2012 many exhibitions...

I've just been looking through some of the thousands of photographs and videos that give a lasting record of our eclectic exhibitions over the last 12 years and it got me thinking....

What has been your favourite themed exhibition?  Which artist sticks in your mind? What inspired got you talking? What has inspired you to get creative?  What piece of artwork have you purchased and what is it that meant you couldn't live without it?

From the sumptuous array of textiles in our “Majitha” exhibitions to the shimmering jewellery showcased in “Heavy Metal Fragile Soul”.  With inspiring sculpture about “Memory” and evocative paintings displayed in “old Masters New Masters”.  I find it truly astounding to think of the vast number of artists The Beetroot Tree has worked with and the even larger amount of art works that have been made available to you, the viewer.
So, here's looking to the future!
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