Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hanging out the washing in the gallery courtyard...

Not your usual washing line.... here at The Beetroot Tree, we do things a little differently!
Rather than sunbathing, Alysn has been dying (and over dying) a range of fabrics and fibres to sell in our Art Supplies shop and to take with her to shows and workshops.

Hand Dyed Cotton Scrim, Silk Fibres, Flax, Linen, Milk Protein, Silk Carrier Rods, Silk Waste and much much more are transformed from their natural tones to a rainbow of colours!
So, if you pop over for a drink or an ice cream from our
café and wish to sit in the courtyard... you may be sharing the space with the following.... enjoy!

Alysn, with a washing line full of painted Lutradur.
Dyed Linen fibres

Dyed Silk Waste

Dyed Silk Carrier Rods

Dyed Silk String

Dyed Milk Protein

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