Friday, 29 March 2013

Spotlight on Edward Jeavons

It's been a while since the last blog post but we have a few coming up for you over the next few weeks, including another Letter From NZ penned by our far away Alysn.  We have two exhibitions on at the moment.  The first is part of Derby's International Photography Festival - Format 13 (I am a photographer after all!) but more of that later; the second is an exhibition curated by our very own Nicki Dennett entitled Miniature Magnified.

We have work from five extremely talented artists Matt Clarke, Ann Goddard, Serena Smith, Charlotte Hupfield and Edward Jeavons.  When the work came in for hanging I was extremely interested in seeing Edward's work.  The work we are displaying are acrylics on paper and, for me anyway, tick all the right boxes; monochrome, abstract and explore textures.

My favourite of Edward's work is a piece titled Stepping Stones

I love the form of this piece, the shapes and I can almost feel the flow of water over the stones.  To me it seems almost 3d and draws me into the paper.  Edward also has another fantastic piece which looks three dimensional called Canopy

Last Saturday I was teaching an introduction to digital photography and one of the aspects I taught my students to use was leading lines and textures.  Canopy epitomises these aspects.  It leads me into the image.  I want to reach out and touch the "stones".

Edward himself has an MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art. He makes paintings and prints. He has exhibited widely in the UK in both solo and group shows.  You can see his artist statement here

Please come and see the Miniature / Magnified Exhibition before it closes on the 13th April

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