Friday, 27 September 2013

The Making of an Exhibition

Unlike the majority of previous exhibitions which have been curated by one or two people, Maker's Mark was a whole gallery effort.  We put the call out to the normal places, but initially, we didn't get much response.  Then Hannah and Stevie got on the case and came up with some fantastic suggestions.  Finally Alysn and I sat down and we went through our boxes of artists for inspiration and put out a final call out.  We finally managed to get a short list of artists. Now to get them signed up!   Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to show you some of the Artists we have on display.

Dawn Harris - Dawn got me hooked with the main image on her Design Factory entry.  It was perfect for the exhibition - marks made in/on Aluminium. We chatted and she had some pieces in production that she felt would be ready for the exhibition.  The pieces Dawn delivered are amazing.  

Gizella K Warburton - Gizella is a textile artist who's work has been exhibited in many galleries. I like Gizella's use of textiles to create different textures and marks.  Her Diptych Passage I and Passage II seem to come alive when lit.  I'm used to using light to shape images in my photographic work but I'm becoming fascinated with how light can affect and display different types of art.   

Helen Parrot - When I talked to Helen about the work she was bringing she asked "how big a space have you got?"  I described the space and she said she had a piece which was about 3m square.  I gulped a little but thought that above the stairs would be the perfect position.  When we got it I spent quite a bit of time precariously perched atop a pair of ladders trying to mount it.  After it fell down for the third time I started looking for a plan B.  We have wires in the gallery to suspend work from and I discovered they were the perfect height for Helen's piece and now it separates the gallery into two areas providing "hidden work" for visitors to discover.  

Helen also has a new book which is available at the Gallery called "Mark Making in Textile Art".

These are three of the Artists exhibiting in Maker's Mark.  It is a fabulous exhibition and next time I will be telling you about Louise Jannetta, Bridget McVey, Paul Matosic and a new collaboration between Gavin Darby and Phil Riley


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