Thursday, 13 December 2012

Making Paper Chains in the Sunshine

A slightly odd title for this weeks blog, especially as it's freezing outside.  The reason for the title will become apparent later.

Kit Anderson

As a photographer I was really excited when the team were unpacking a new delivery from Kit Anderson.  Kit's work merges photography and ceramics creating foto ceramica.  I was particularly interested in her piece called "Goose Fair" depicting a group of children on a fairground ride.  

This doesn't appear to be a historical image but the way kit has used the image gives it almost a "historical" feel.  We have a range of Kit's work in the Gallery at the moment.  Pop in to have a look it's worth having a look and touch you won't be disappointed. 

I'm hoping to have a chat with some of our favourite artists over the coming months.  I promise I won't ask the obvious questions such as "what inspires you" more like "you are on a desert island - what one tool would you take with you?"  I am hoping to catch Kit as I do admire her work and, if I'm honest, pick her brains - you are never too old to learn!


So what else have I found out this week?  Well, we have a Devotee scheme.  I know everyone knows we have one but I thought it was, well, exciting.

For those of you who don't know about the scheme it allows you to earn a stamp for every £20 you spend with us.  Whether it's a workshop, art materials or piece of art.

  • 5 stamps and you get a Bronze Level.  You can either pick one of the fabulous Bronze lucky dip prizes or get 10% of your next purchase, or save them for the Silver Level
  • 12 stamps earns you the Silver Level.  Again you have the choice of a Silver Lucky Dip Prize, 20% off your next purchase or save them for the Gold Level.
  • 25 stamps gets you the Gold Level.  This time you get a choice of a Gold Lucky Dip Prizes AND 30% off your next purchase.  

Christmas Opening

Not sure when we are opening between Christmas and New Year.  We will be open on Christmas Eve, when I'll be ably assisted by David Halfpenny.  We will be offering a "coffee and cake only" service in the cafe during the day.

When I know what days we will be open I will post on the website and Facebook.

See you next week


What about the title???

I spoke to Alysn this week on Skype and she showed me the view from her window.  Blue Sky, The Ocean and a Volcano!  What made it worse was the photograph she posted on Facebook!  There she was sat in the bright sunshine in t-shirt and shorts making paper chains! 

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