Thursday, 6 December 2012

My First Post........

Let me introduce myself.  I'm Paul Storer and I'm the new Partner at the Beetroot Tree.  Whilst Alysn is   at her new home in New Zealand I will be at the helm here in Draycott.  Alysn will be popping back now and then to run workshops and exhibit her work.  Her first visit back will be in June next year, but in the mean time Alysn and I will be in close contact by e-mail and Skype as she helps me get to grips with things.

So in the meantime who am I?  Well I'm a photographer by profession and passion.  I haven't always been a full time photographer I did work in IT for many years and Photography was my hobby, my pleasure.  I've been a full time professional since 2008 and enjoying every minute of it.  I'm an art photographer and love anything with a texture, this is why I like digital photography as we now have access to a range of tremendous papers we can print our work on.  A roughly textured paper for a image of a tree trunk or a smooth glossy paper for a portrait of a baby.

Wedding Photography pays the bills and to be quite honest it isn't a bad way to earn a living.  I spend the day with two families on a happy event in their lives, I do something that I absolutely adore and, yes, I get paid.  I meet some marvellous people and I do pick couples that are fun like Charllotte and Tobias on their swing in Ashbourne

Weddings are also fabulous for observing people - I was struck by these two gossiping gentlemen and the lady sat with an almost resigned look on her face.

Do I have a style?  Well yes!  Black and white preferably and low key rather than high key (although the piece above goes against both of these).  I shot this young girl a few months ago and I just love the look in her eye.

I am learning lots and lots from the fantastic team here at the Beetroot Tree and will share some of the exciting things that I'm learning over the coming weeks,

All the best 


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